Put this in the kitchen: it keeps away flies, mosquitoes and any other insects

bottle and fly in the kitchen

The  word insect  alarms everyone, there are so many in the world and each one with different characteristics. The repellents that are on the market today are in spray form, rich in chemical agents and preservatives that can contaminate and, at the same time, be harmful to health. Grandma’s advice always leads to a  solution for each type of problem  , with something natural that you put in the kitchen and scares away flies, mosquitoes and any type of insect that tries to enter.

Insect, what attracts you at home?

Every insect  on Earth has different characteristics, but they are all attracted to something in particular that is inside houses. Mosquitoes look for blood to feed, while flies and other insects look for easy food and then lay their eggs in various corners of the house  .

They are fond of sweets,  sugars and even fermented substances  up to syrups. However, do not draw breadcrumbs or small pieces of food on the tablecloth or taken from dirty dishes inside the sink.


The best way to  counteract  its arrival is to keep the house clean, do not leave food remains and close the packages. For mosquitoes it is more difficult, but in any case the advice is to use only  natural repellents.

Respecting nature and without spending money, homemade repellents with natural ingredients are excellent for  keeping insects away  and never coming back. You play with a mixture of smells and flavors, which they don’t like, so that they don’t think about laying eggs in the kitchen or  other areas of the home.

Natural repellent to repel insects, from flies to mosquitoes

As mentioned, it is better  to use grandma’s methods  with cheap and non-polluting natural ingredients. In this case, rice vinegar is used, an excellent product that counteracts the arrival of insects in the house (and in all seasons of the year).

To prepare this repellent, simply  cut a plastic bottle  at the top and then turn it upside down to create a kind of funnel. Immediately afterwards, pour a tablespoon of rice vinegar inside.

Rice vinegar

To enhance its repellent effect, it is better to also pour a measuring glass of dishwashing liquid and then  mix  until creating a homogeneous substance. The smell it gives off is pleasant for humans, while for any type of insect it is almost unbearably unpleasant.

The flies and mosquitoes will disappear and will never be seen again. As an alternative to rice vinegar, you can opt for white wine vinegar, which is also characterized by a pungent and acidic smell.

A recommendation  : store the container in a safe place, away from the curiosity of children and four-legged friends.