Put three bay leaves under the bed before going to bed: here’s why

Putting three bay leaves under the bed can be of great help. Here is the reason for this gesture.

In our   homes   there are many   ingredients   and many of them are   aromatic plants   and among the most widespread and also used for non-culinary purposes is the laurel plant whose   leaves   can be a real treasure.

The   laurel   has become not only a   plant   used in   the kitchen,   but also a true symbol, just think that it is used to crown a person who manages to achieve the goal of graduation   .

Laurel: This is what you need to have some leaves with you before you go to sleep

It is because it is synonymous with having achieved something important and many   athletes,   especially in ancient times, were crowned with a laurel wreath for their exploits on the sports fields.

But bay leaf is also useful at the digestive level, in fact, by making a decoction with its   leaves   and associating a little   lemon   and   honey   , we obtain a drink that tends to promote digestion   .

It takes the name   “canary”,   and you can drink it both hot and cold and it will do very well for our body when we have stomach problems or simply to strengthen our immune system and prevent gastrointestinal problems.

Furthermore, in recent times, many people place leaves   or   bay   leaves   near the door to prevent insects from entering the house and it is very helpful.

In fact, many insects do not like the smell of   lauric acid   contained in the leaves of this plant and will therefore turn away and think twice before joining us.

what happens at night

But the laurel is also an element of popular beliefs and   it is   said that by keeping a few   leaves   under the bed, it can attract luck and money, especially if it is placed in a basin or a bottle of water.

This must be kept out of the sight of others and yet the water must be thrown away because it could give off a bad smell after a few days, but not only that, there are also other advantages.

It seems that putting three   sheets before sleeping,   although according to tradition it is necessary to put seven, under the bed or under the pillow before sleeping, this will have a beneficial effect.

Laurel: why use it under the bed

We will wake up less tired and with more energy and all the properties of the laurel   it contains   will have had a calming and antimucolytic action and therefore will also have benefited our health.

This is precisely due to the smell of  bay leaves   , which have that particular smell and can solve many problems and give us a restful sleep that we would never have thought of.

Now all you have to do is experiment with this method and see if you, too, by sleeping with   bay leaves   under your pillow, can have sweet dreams and wake up less tired than usual.

It must also be said that bay leaf   is   excellent as a detergent, in fact when you put it in the washing machine it will give us scented and very white sheets like we have never had with other products used.