Put toilet paper in the fridge? This solves a big problem

Toilet paper is important and fundamental, so much so that it is one of those goods that can never be missing at home. But many people leave it in the fridge: that’s the reason and why we should all do it.

Toilet paper in the fridge

You can forget to  buy everything at the supermarket  , but never toilet paper. It is an essential essential and it is a great discovery that took place in the past, precisely to facilitate the intimate hygiene of everyone and not only. In this last period, many people have started to  put it in the fridge  : that is why it saves in a few minutes and why we should all do it.

Who invented toilet paper?

This is a very interesting story, because  since the times of the  primitive man has always sought shelter for his own needs and different ways of cleansing himself. After making a hole in a flat rock, primitive man headed towards the stream: no scholar has been able to understand what he did during the winter, but he certainly used his imagination among the leaves and twigs .

Toilet paper rolls

The  ancient Egyptians  opted for sand rich in fragrant oils, while the Arabs used their left hand (still considered impure today) to wash afterward. The first appearance of something similar to paper was in the 14th century in China, but it was only after half a century that Westerners also began to abandon sheets and use sheets  of newspaper.

In 1158 nobles were using fabrics made from old clothes, while toilet paper arrived in the 18th century trying to change with the times. According to some documents and articles, the inventor of  our toilet paper  is Joseph C. Gayetty of New York.

History of toilet paper

An invention that was celebrated from the front pages of all the newspapers, highlighting it as one of the  greatest discoveries of the century  . His goal was to sell the card because it was capable of eradicating hemorrhoids forever: it didn’t happen that way, but it must be said that his card has enjoyed worldwide success until today.

Before rollers, it was sold in  rectangular strips  , then moved to mass production and inventions of all kinds began. Rolls appeared in 1879 thanks to the idea of ​​the Scott Paper Company, then produced the two-ply one to flush down the toilet in 1942.

It goes without saying that it was  considered a luxury product for a long time, until it became a common good at an affordable price.

Toilet paper in the refrigerator, what is it for?

After this necessary dive into history, let’s return to the present day and why put toilet paper inside the refrigerator (especially if the three-ply type). Simply place a small quantity, with its  cardboard tube  , on the refrigerator shelf to immediately notice a big change.

This method is optimal for eliminating all lingering odors from the refrigerator, precisely because cellulose  absorbs without releasing  . The paper in question is made of porous fabrics, which capture moisture particles, eliminating excess water and bad odors.

Cellulosic toilet paper

If you don’t want to use toilet paper, you can also opt for sheets of newspaper to dampen and place in  the interior corners of the refrigerator  .