Refrigerator, uses a lot: With the twist of the knob you can halve the bill in no time

Did you know that  the high costs in the bill  mainly depend on the use of the  refrigerator  , which is one of the most energy-intensive appliances? If you want to start saving, you have to  try the Knauf trick  : your electricity bills will no longer be a problem.

Refrigerator and energy consumption

Along with the  washing machine and the dishwasher,  the  refrigerator is  one of the most energy-intensive appliances, which means that  it consumes a lot of energy  , which is then reflected in costs that we   are charged through our electricity bill.

Energy-intensive devices

Since it is connected to electricity 24 hours a day, it is  the main cause of high bills  . According to some surveys,  25% of energy consumption depends precisely on the use of this device.

Of course  we can’t do without the fridge  , but we can  save money through smart strategies.  For example, the first thing you should do, according to experts, is to buy  a refrigerator with energy class A or A+  or an even higher energy class. This means  we halve the costs in the invoice.

Another tip:  Have you ever noticed the button that is found in almost all refrigerators  ? In the new generation it has been replaced by a  digital display  , but the operation is the same. With this  button  you can save energy. How? Let’s find out together.

Refrigerator, the button trick to halve bill costs

If you too are tired of   receiving  higher and higher energy bills every month, you need to start putting savings strategies into action.  It starts with  using the refrigerator intelligently.


Did you know that this device  increases bill costs more than any other  ? It consumes a lot, just like other energy-intensive appliances such as  washing machines and dishwashers.

However, there is a system that can help you  cut your bill costs in half  . Do you know the  knob trick  ? If the answer is no, continue reading this post. We guarantee that once you discover this system you won’t be able to do without it.

The  button  we are referring to is none other than  the thermostat, which is usually  found in the refrigerator  . With this button you can  adjust the temperature  of the device. It is precisely through the  management of financial statements that it is possible  to save on bills  .

To  cut your energy costs in half  , you should  set  the temperature of your refrigerator between 1 and 4 degrees  and that of the  freezer to -17 degrees. This way  you save more than 5% energy.

Trick of the button to halve the cost in the bill

If you learn to regulate the refrigerator’s internal thermostat well, you will no longer have problems and you will notice that  the next energy bill will not be as high  as the previous ones. There are also  other tips  that experts find valuable for saving on bills.

For example, it is  not a good idea to overfill the refrigerator,  otherwise the device  will be forced to work at its full potential and use  more  energy  to keep the food fresh.

The same applies here:  never leave the door open all the time  , otherwise you will use  valuable kW unnecessarily  . In addition, it is important that  the foods  are spaced apart so that the air in the refrigerator can circulate freely.

If drinks are available  , they must always  be closed or covered with cling film or aluminum foil. For what reason? Quite simply:  the moisture  that can arise inside the refrigerator  forces the device’s compressor to work harder,  which leads to higher energy consumption.