Rose quartz: the stone that eliminates negativity and anxiety and improves circulation

Rose quartz is known as the energetic or spiritual stone of love because of its positive and harmonious energies. Its chakra is the heart, which is why it is associated with feelings and is compatible with zodiac signs.

In ancient Greece and Rome it was believed that this mineral came from the goddesses of love and beauty. Another legend has it that its origin is in the rose flower, which was turned into quartz when a true love was interrupted due to the intervention of the couple’s parents.

Rose quartz has so many properties. Its pink color seems to convey the same personality as the stone: it represents passion, sensuality and tenderness. The main property is, without a doubt, its ability to attract love.

Its relaxing ability eliminates tensions accumulated, sometimes without even knowing it, in the body and mind. When we carry rose quartz with us, it imparts a feeling of peace, eliminating all negative energies.

In Hinduism, rose quartz is believed to be able to release pains and sorrows we have inside.

Rose quartz is perfect for strengthening bonds between people, enhancing compression and respect: key elements of any relationship.

But its benefits go beyond the relationships we have with others, as it also contributes to self-love and self-esteem.

Using a piece of rose quartz to give facial massages will help smooth out wrinkles and skin blemishes, as it is capable of reactivating blood circulation.

Now that you know all the benefits of rose quartz, get yourself a piece-it will change your life.