Scotch, that’s why older housewives always put it on the broom

Many housewives, especially older ones, use tape on their brooms. Here is the reason for this gesture.

Every day we find ourselves at least once having to  sweep up  certain accumulations of dust or residue that have settled on our  floor  in order to avoid the formation of ants or dirt.

Even if we are not present at home, it is advisable to use the  broom  or  vacuum cleaner  at least once a day because clumps of dust can accumulate, even from outside.

Scotch: that’s why we use it on a broom

One of the reasons we tend to do this household practice at least once a day is because when preparing meals, something might accidentally fall on the floor  .

This also happens during a snack or during lunch and dinner, as well as during movement that could have deposited residue we had on other floor surfaces.

In addition, we all have  hair  and  hair,  some more and others less and therefore these too tend to come loose and settle on the  ground  , thus forming accumulations which can also be deposited in the pathways evacuation.

In fact, between one tile and another there are these lines, sometimes even very thick, which become difficult to wash when the dirt is stubborn and it is therefore necessary to resort to certain methods so that they become shiny again  .

Our floor is important because it is the place where we put  our feet  and sometimes, without  slippers,  we put our  feet directly  with a pair of  socks  then we sit or spread out on the  sofa.

Anyone who lives with  children  knows very well that they often tend to spend time on the floor, especially if they crawl and therefore it is always better to have a clean and disinfected floor.

But sometimes there are residues that you can’t get rid of and that’s why one of the secrets passed down from generation to generation and often used by older housewives comes into play.

How to proceed

This involves putting  tape  on the  broom. In particular, the one used is the thick one, which is generally used to wrap the packaging boxes and this is placed on the part with the  bristles  of our  broom.

By placing a strip on one of the two sides we can see how when we go to clean the  floor  all the dirt will be brought to the  strip  and trapped inside.

Scotch - that's why he rides the broom

This way, all the hairs and the slightest residue will be captured by the tape and we can simply detach it from our  broom  and throw it away without resorting to the dustpan.

In this way, we will not only have saved time but we will have ensured a clean floor without any trace of elements that could bother anyone who places their foot or hand on our  floor.

This secret has been passed down from  generation to generation  and is part of the  advice of grandmothers  which always proves useful for  household chores  .