You’ll have a great smelling bath in seconds if you pour it down the toilet

Here’s how you can have a truly fragrant bathroom in very, very little time. Pour this into your toilet and the result is guaranteed.

There are many optional remedies you can use to clean your toilet. Indeed, in addition to those of a chemical and commercial nature, there are also natural methods. Here is a truly surprising one with astonishing results.

Clean, fragrant toilets in seconds: here’s how

We would all like to have our  toilets clean and fragrant  and with little. We often buy products that do not satisfy us and we stay where we started, but there is no need to be afraid.

Fortunately, there are some truly miraculous compounds that can only solve our problems, even if it concerns dirty toilets.

In short, it is possible to clean your toilet well without too much effort or too much money.

In order to have a perfectly clean, sanitized and above all very fragrant bathroom, simply follow the instructions given below.

As mentioned, often when cleaning the bathroom, methods based on the use of products available in the  commercial sector  are used. But in some cases, it happens to remain dissatisfied with the final results obtained by  these means.

Here, you could turn to completely natural solutions and with ingredients that can be found very  easily at home.

What will be discussed below is one such method that will allow you to enjoy an  extremely clean and fragrant toilet. Let’s see how.

One thing is certain: if you use these ingredients to carry out this cleanse, the results you will obtain will leave you speechless.

What it takes to effectively clean the toilet and the procedure: the details

That said, you can move on to preparing an easy homemade compound that will be of considerable use to you, especially when it comes to removing  germs and dirt from your toilet    and all in just a few simple steps.

clean toilet

Thanks to this simple but also quite quick solution, you can count on a thoroughly cleaned toilet bowl.

In short, this tip will be easy to prepare and also amounts to one of the most important and decisive compounds to try; to do this you will need  two ingredients that everyone usually has at home:  lemon and vinegar in the white version.

In fact, these two products have very valid functions, given that combined together they correspond to a  powerful completely natural disinfectant.

Among other things, these two ingredients combined allow you to effectively eliminate any stains present inside  your toilet  . This also refers to those that are particularly difficult to eliminate and have not been able to eliminate completely, perhaps using other types of unnatural remedies.

In addition, this composition also has the valuable function of freeing the toilet from elements that cause  bad odors. 

What to do: steps to follow and in this specific order

The steps to follow are these.

Start by preparing a cup half full of white vinegar then add the  juice of a lemon. Next, you will need to mix the two ingredients, so that they mix well.

lemon vinegar

Once this natural compound is prepared, you will need to continue by pouring it into a container of your choice. It is advisable to opt for a practical plastic bottle, to make the following operation easier and smoother  .

After following these few very simple steps, you can continue by pouring the contents of the bottle into the toilet. Then, you will have to let it act internally for a period of around  fifteen minutes.

After this time, you can flush the toilet  and  simultaneously brush the internal walls of your toilet for even more effective action.

At this point you can immediately notice the difference and how extremely valid this solution is, to make the toilet bowl perfectly  disinfected and very fragrant.

Workaround: Here is another very good method

Certainly the method seen above is one of the best but an alternative solution will be given below so to speak. A solution that can still give you very good results.

An optional remedy to the above could be to use three products:  lemon, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.


In this case it will be necessary to combine half a cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and the juice of a lemon. You must then pour the solution obtained into the toilet and leave to act for  15 minutes  .

Also in this case it will be possible to have completely disinfected and clean toilets, thanks to this completely natural method that can be used as a second solution.

Indeed, it should be considered that lemon also has an excellent whitening effect on the toilet.

In short, if your PC is dirty and you want to completely renew it, there are no more excuses, but only these ingredients that you will no longer be able to leave and which together represent a super compound  !