Secret liquid: say goodbye to lime and mold

With this secret liquid you can get rid of lime, mold and tartar. These are unsightly and unpleasant deposits, but inevitable. They are due to lack of maintenance, but also to the test of time. Instead of breaking your head with vigorous scrubbing, use this tried-and-true secret liquid.

Secret liquid: goodbye to lime and mold

Create an affordable solution with ingredients you already have at home. It costs almost nothing and is especially effective in the bathroom.

Here are the steps to follow:

Prepare 4 ounces of liquid soap;
Add a cup of baking soda to the soap (two products with whitening and detergent properties);
Add a cup of hydrogen peroxide and another of white wine vinegar;
Mix and you should notice an effervescent action;
Stir until you obtain a homogeneous mixture;
Use a strainer and transfer the mixture to a plastic bottle or empty container;
Attach a spray nozzle;
You should get a 450 ml mixture;
Put a small amount of the product in all toilets;
To clean and stain the toilet, apply and leave for 5 minutes;
Rinse and brush.
How to clean correctly?

The first step is planning. Study which area of ​​the house you have to clean first and make a list of tasks to do. Write them down on the calendar and set a reminder.

Next, prepare the tools and products. Use the appropriate products, giving preference to natural alternatives. That is why we recommend this natural product that we just mentioned.