Toothpaste tubes: don’t throw them away!

Toothpaste tubes and cardboard rolls are some of the types of waste that end up in the trash. But this is a real mistake, because these items can be given a second life through recycling.

Toothpaste tubes: don’t throw them away!

Instead of being a wasteful spender, consider disposing of toothpaste tubes in the appropriate waste category. At least, you will be contributing to its correct elimination.

In other words, place the plastic tubes in the corresponding container. The same goes for metal ones, as long as you remove the plastic cap.

However, if you are one of those creative people or who want to work on your sense of creativity, then think about recycling. The planet will thank you.

How can you give them a second life?

With a little research and imagination, you can create a purse or small case out of toothpaste tubes.

For the purse, you just have to cut the container so that the first side is longer. Glue the cap with strong glue and add a button to close it.

For the pencil case, you can cut off the top and simply add a zipper.