Secret trick for the microwave: you’ve always missed it

There is a secret microwave trick that everyone has overlooked until now. This practical appliance serves many functions, such as reheating food or even preparing recipes. However, it has an unexpected function that can make your life much easier.

Secret microwave trick: you’ve always missed it

You can prepare garlic quickly in the microwave. Specifically, you can soften the seasoning quickly, unlike the traditional method.

Here are the steps to follow:

Leave the seasoning in the appliance for a few seconds;
-Once softened by heat, you can use it to prepare your meals.
Similarly, you can also soften the soap block in the microwave. Simply cut the pieces and place them in a container with water and salt. Put it in the microwave for 8 minutes.
Other unexpected uses of the appliance

These uses will leave you speechless. However, they are useful and will make your daily life easier. The first problem it will eliminate is the limitation when preparing the onions.

As you know, the sulfur naturally contained in onions brings tears to your eyes. To avoid this inconvenience, think about putting the onion in the microwave for a while.

Steaming is another option in the microwave. Simply wash the vegetables well and put them in a container suitable for cooking in the microwave. Cooking times vary considerably depending on the variety of vegetables.

To prepare crispy bacon, you can use the microwave. Simply place the bacon on a suitable plate lined with kitchen paper. Start the appliance for 4 minutes and constantly monitor the cooking progress.