Stuck car lock: don’t panic, this is the trick

We are talking about a car lock stuck by ice. This is a common problem that probably happens when you are in a hurry in winter. But it is inevitable. When faced with this type of situation, avoid panicking and keep this advice in mind. It does not require the intervention of a specialist or forced action.

Car lock locked: don’t panic, this is the trick

After a long break on the road, in the absence of a garage, it is normal for a thick layer of snow to cover the car.

Your first instinct is to check that the source of the blockage is ice and not a short circuit. To get started, use the remote control or open the lock.

If you see ice on the lock, opening it with the key is useless. Consider using a deicing spray to melt the ice.

Our goal is to offer you fast and effective advice, without the risk of damaging the system.

What does it consist of?

Heat the metal area of ​​the key with a flame. When you manage to open the door, proceed gently and without haste.

Ideally, press along the edges to loosen the glass from the joints. If you cannot enter through the driver’s door, try to access through the other spaces.

Avoid quick DIY fixes like hair dryers. The same thing happens with hot water, which can melt some areas of the car.