Since I discovered this trick my toilet is always white and fragrant

Clean toilet

Dirt will vanish instantly

We know, cleaning the toilet is a thankless task, but someone has to do it. Imagine how dirty the bathroom could be if we neglected it. Then it would become a den of germs and bacteria!

Not the best for your health, actually. Since our well-being and that of the people we live with must always be put first, then it is a good idea to carry out periodic maintenance , preferably without chemical compounds.

White and scented toilet with this trick

Translated: better to leave aside the products sold in shopping centers. In fact, even if companies tend to underline it (you know, they would lose a lot of potential customers!), the preparations obtained in the laboratory contain at least one harmful ingredient . Try looking at the packaging for a while and you will confirm it.

Toilet and bidet

Unfortunately, today we have put aside the classic grandmother’s remedies a little . Our ancestors were true experts in household chores. Without many comforts, they had to work with ingenuity, gaining an almost infinite wealth of knowledge with experience.

So let’s try to dust off an old method, capable of making the toilet white and fragrant again . It is a 100 percent natural and inexpensive blend.


You need:

  • 2 glasses of vinegar;
  • ¾ of a glass of bicarbonate of soda .

Well yes, just this! After all, didn’t I tell you it would be low cost ? My dear grandmother suggested it to me and now it will be my pleasure to share the “secret”.

First, pour the vinegar and baking soda into the toilet. Combined together, you will obtain a foam with bubbles, a chemical reaction in which carbon dioxide is produced. Then, pour the vinegar into a sprayer and spray it both outside and inside the toilet. Take a brush and rub the inside vigorously until you are completely satisfied with the cleanliness.