Smart housewives flush an ingredient down the toilet at night; in the morning it shines with cleanliness

Cleaning the bathroom, what a task! Fortunately, there are some clever tricks that will make this tedious task easier. Ecological, economical and super simple, discover our solutions.
You have to clean the bathroom and you know it is essential. No panic! We present effective solutions to disinfect your toilets and make your bathroom shine in the blink of an eye thanks to natural and ecological products. On a bathroom cleaning mission!

Why should bathrooms be cleaned and maintained regularly?
We can all agree that regular toilet cleaning and maintenance is a no-brainer. Above all, this helps maintain the level of hygiene necessary for your health and well-being. In addition to exemplary cleaning, this habit helps prevent bad odors, bacteria accumulation and limescale.

Tips and Tricks: How to Clean and Whiten Dirty Bathrooms
Cleaning bathrooms can be a real pain! Don’t worry, we will show you some tips that will make your job easier. From now on, cleaning your bathroom will be child’s play! Something different ! It is not necessary to use harmful and expensive chemicals. Follow the guide!

Boric Acid for Bathroom Cleaning
Known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, boric acid is a natural product used to clean and disinfect bathrooms. Very easy to use! Very effectively removes dirt and lime deposits. To use it, simply follow the following steps:

Pour 1/4 cup of boric acid down the toilet at night before bed.
Let it sit overnight.
The next day, scrub the toilet and clean the bowl with a brush. And now here it is!
Thanks to our advice, the rust and yellow stains that have formed on the toilets disappear. Bonus Tip: For optimal effectiveness, add lemon juice to the mixture.

Don’t forget to clean the toilet seat, because lemon is indeed the ideal ingredient to restore its whiteness and shine. To do this, simply spray half a cup of lemon juice mixed with a cup of water on the yellowish stains on the seat and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. Your chair will be clean, disinfected and scented. As if it were fresh!

Clean the toilet seat
Clean the toilet seat with baking soda
It’s no longer a secret, baking soda can do everything! It is very gentle and non-abrasive, making it ideal for cleaning toilets where dirt and bacteria accumulate. Here are the instructions to follow:

Mix one cup of baking soda with one cup of warm water.
Apply the solution to the surface of the container.
Leave on for 30 minutes.
Rinse with water and clean the toilet.

Another method is to sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the walls of the toilet and then spray with white vinegar. Leave both products on for a few minutes, then rub with a brush and rinse. This way your bowl will be clean and nickel-plated.

Baking soda
White vinegar: A natural cleaner for your toilets
White vinegar guarantees impeccable results in all household tasks. Easily accessible and economical, it is ideal for cleaning dirty surfaces such as bathrooms. It couldn’t be easier to use! In just a few steps you will be satisfied with the result:

Pour a cup of white vinegar down the toilet.
Let it rest for a few minutes.
Rinse with water.
It not only removes dirt stains, but also helps combat bad odors. Fantastic, no!

Descaling your toilets with soda crystals
Decalcifying your toilets is essential during daily cleaning. And this, for impeccable cleanliness and hygiene. And for this there is nothing better than soda crystals. They are an excellent solution to keep toilets free of scale or lime deposits. Here’s how you can use it:

Pour a cup of soda crystals directly into the toilet bowl.
Let it act for 15 minutes.
To finish, rub well and rinse.
You will say goodbye to lime stains and lime deposits in the toilet!

Cleaning the bottom of the toilet with hydrochloric acid
We often think about the bowl, but the floor of the toilet also gets dirty and yellow traces of dirt and lime accumulate there. To clean it there is nothing better than hydrochloric acid. Attention ! This chemical is powerful. Handle with care and follow safety instructions.

First rinse the bowl with water and a sponge.
Next, prepare a mixture of equal parts hydrochloric acid and water.
Pour it onto the toilet floor and let it sit for 10 minutes.
Then scrub with a toilet brush and rinse with clean water.
The dirt that has settled at the bottom of your toilet will disappear and your toilet will be super clean.

Make your bowl shine with Coca-Cola
The soft drink has more than one ace up its sleeve. Clean your bathroom well. Lime stains, traces of tartar… with Coca-Cola, cleaning becomes child’s play.

Pour the contents of one can into your bowl;
Leave on for an hour and then brush.
And there you have it! Quick, right? Of course, this solution is less effective than white vinegar or baking soda, but it is very useful for regular maintenance.

These are not dirty or dilapidated toilets. We agree? Follow our advice and say goodbye to your limescale problems in the toilet.