Smelly toilet, you just need these bombs to leave it clean and smelling fresh | Very simple

Homemade bath bombs allow you to always have a clean and fragrant bath. No matter how much care is taken, unfortunately this always presents stains or encrustations that make the toilet look worn, poorly maintained, old.

Fortunately, homemade bath bombs allow you to keep your toilet smelling fresh and white , without spending a single cent. The properties of this product are unique, no specific product can give the same results.

DIY bath bombs, the ingredients

To make homemade bath bombs, which perfume, whiten , and clean, you need very few ingredients that we all have it in the kitchen pantry.

You simply need 200 grams of baking soda, 50g of citric acid, half a tablespoon of organic dishwashing detergent , some ice molds and just 20 drops of essential oil of your choice.

How to prepare them, quick and simple process

Then proceed by pouring the citric acid and baking soda into a bowl, mixing the ingredients, making them mix well. These two ingredients are indicated for the preparation of homemade bath bombs, because they are known for their anti-limescale and whitening properties.

Then you add the dish detergent, what comes out at this point is a paste similar to wet sand. You work this with a spoon, then add a few drops of essential oil, the ones you prefer the most are fine because they only serve to perfume. Fresh and citrus fruits are recommended , for example essential oil of lemon, mandarin, orange, mint, eucalyptus.

What is recommended is use ecological detergent , because it has a low environmental impact compared to others and therefore you do not contaminate every time you use homemade bath bombs.

After mixing the mixture , pour ice into the molds and let it solidify for at least 4 hours. Then the cubes are removed and stored in a dry place, in an airtight container.

What to do before using aroma bombs

To use homemade bath bombs, you must first remove all residue dirt and then wash the toilet thoroughly. Instead of using the usual products that are harmful to health and are also aggressive and can corrode sanitary material in the long term, we recommend using a homemade product .

To prepare the ideal detergent, perfect for cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting the toilet, simply add lemon juice to hot water and pour the solution in a container with a spray bottle. Shake well and then use bathroom cleaning detergent , use a non-abrasive sponge and then rinse with a microfiber cloth. You flush the toilet and throw the DIY toilet bomb into the toilet, which will immediately start bubbling as soon as it comes into contact with water.

How to obtain a 100% sanitizing action

The reaction that will be created will eliminate scale and lime stains. For 100% cleaning, use the toilet brush to gently scrub the sides of the bowl.

For best results , leave the pump in the toilet overnight and then drain the water.