So many people make these 3 worst mistakes with bleach!

Bleach is a first-class warrior in the fight against dirt. It is an essential product for bleaching clothes, disinfecting floors and sanitary ware, and more. Essential for daily cleaning, this liquid is the best ally to make your home shiny and clean.

Although many people buy this product, few know how to use it properly to avoid damage. Bleach is a risky cleaning agent if not used under the right conditions. For this reason, caution should be exercised when handling, always wearing gloves and avoiding inhalation.

It is also recommended that you never mix bleach with vinegar as this combination can be fatal and cause unwanted effects. Once everything is ready and you are well protected, the bleach is safe to use.

What are the 3 worst mistakes to avoid when using this cleaning fluid?

Bleach is not a cleaner, but a disinfectant.

Many people think of bleach as a cleaning fluid for all surfaces. But it is not like that. This product is a strong disinfectant, but not a cleaner. For this reason, the surfaces to be treated must be dusted before use. Then clean with soap and water. Once everything is clean, disinfect it with bleach. Finally, rinse with clean water to remove any product residue.

Do not rinse surfaces after using bleach

When using bleach, many people make the mistake of not rinsing surfaces disinfected with this liquid product. However, all surfaces treated with this product must be rinsed. This avoids waste and prevents material damage. Rinse everything with clean water after using the bleach.

Use cold or hot water?

A very common mistake when using bleach is to dilute it with hot water. However, high temperature water can reduce the chlorine content of bleach and its effectiveness is questionable. Ideally, use lukewarm water so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the product.