Stop throwing used oil down the drain or toilet: here are three clever ways to reuse it

The frying oil must be disposed of properly so as not to pollute the environment. But what to do with used oil? Discover all the tips and tricks to get rid of it safely and protect the environment.
Why shouldn’t you pour some oil into the piano or toilet?
It is important to know how to properly remove frying oil. It also shouldn’t end up in the toilet or sink. If you do this, the risk is very high.

One of the most common habits is throwing used cooking oil into the piano. However, cooking with oil is very harmful to the environment. It can form a layer on the surface of the eau that prevents the passage of air. It should be noted that cleaning systems can process solid waste, but not liquids. For this reason, it is not recommended to dispose of used oil in the sewers. A single liter of oil can contaminate up to a thousand liters of Au. In addition to the environmental consequences, pouring oil down the sink or toilet can cause plumbing problems. Oil tends to stick, solidify and block pipes in the long term.

Where can you put used cooking oil?
The oil or fat that remains after frying is often thrown into the piano. Unfortunately, few people know that this contributes to faster destruction of pipes and sometimes even blockages. What to do with the oil we want to get rid of? Where can you throw frying oil at home?