Cleaning the bathroom , but especially the toilet , daily is an essential necessity for having a clean and healthy home environment. However, when the toilet has stubborn yellow stains , simple cleaning may not be enough!

There are those who use chemical remedies that are harmful to the environment, but also to ourselves. For this reason, over time I have experimented with a series of remedies that can be truly effective in removing these stains . I found the solution and it is citric acid , an ecological remedy but above all valid for various problems at home.

Today I want to explain to you how I use it to exploit all its potential, hoping that it can be useful to you too!

Because limescale always returns to the toilet

Before we begin, there is one important thing we need to evaluate together. The limescale that always forms in the toilet is the result of water flowing for hours , day after day. Since the water contains limescale, this sticks and deposits on the walls of the inside of the toilet. It will surely have happened to you (those days when you are away from home) that upon your return you found even more evident stains.


If you have this recurring problem, it means there is a small continuous leak. For this reason I also advise you to ask your plumber, so that this episode does not reoccur after a short time.

Why citric acid is the best remedy for me

There are many remedies that help eliminate limescale stains in the toilet . Some people use coarse salt, some use white vinegar. All very valid remedies.

But citric acid has an edge : it is more powerful and versatile, thanks to its powdered nature. Then it has a much more ecological approach than vinegar, so we also protect the environment. It has anti-limescale but above all descaling properties , all necessary for what we are going to do.

For example, in this video you will find the most common uses of citric acid :

How to use citric acid for toilet stains

Now let’s get to the point and I will explain to you step by step how I use citric acid to eliminate stubborn limescale stains in the toilet .

As you will have seen in the video , I start by preparing the all-purpose solution , which can be used both for the toilet but also to eliminate limescale in the washing machine or dishwasher.

The usual solution involves 150 g of citric acid powder , but in this case I will use 200 g , to make it “stronger”. The citric acid powder should be dissolved in 1 liter of warm demineralised water , so it will be “pure” and will dissolve faster.

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I put the solution in a spray bottle and am ready to spray it in the areas where I need to eliminate stains . I advise you to wear a mask, because the citric acid could bother you. Also avoid contact with eyes, even better if you also wear gloves.

Since we have the problem of continuously flowing water , in addition to the sprayed solution I recommend you also pour some pure powdered citric acid on the area (as you see in the video). Even better if you place a piece of toilet paper on it , so as to hold the remedy so that it doesn’t slip away.


Now all we have to do is wait . If you have a way to temporarily turn off the bathroom water, it will be much easier. But this is not always possible. In any case, it is necessary to wait a few hours, even better if you do this practice at night, so there is no risk of someone in the house using the bathroom and flushing the toilet.

The next morning, just pass the brush and the pieces of limescale will literally come off. So we found together that citric acid really works to eliminate stains in the toilet.

Some useful tips for the inside of the toilet

Before leaving us, I would like to share with you some advice that I hope will be useful for keeping your toilet white for longer :

  1. You can use the citric acid spray solution every day , when you are about to finish cleaning the bathroom. Spray all over the interior and wait 15 minutes (in the meantime you can clean something else), pass the brush and flush the toilet. The spray is also useful for stubborn limescale on taps .
  2. Try to solve the problem of toilet leaks , which is much more common than you think. But only with the help of the plumber can you help yourself avoid the periodic appearance of the problem.
  3. Citric acid is environmentally friendly, but very strong. For this reason, use gloves and if it may bother you, also use a mask so as not to inhale it.
  4. If the bottom of the toilet has also darkened , you can pour the solution and let it act, in order to solve this problem too.