Sugar and orange, you would never have imagined it but together they are worth gold at home

Nobody knows how optimal it is to mix sugar and orange. A great mix to solve a common and annoying problem.

How to combat seasonal diseases?  With natural remedies you always get something unique and ancient people already trusted these ancient remedies. Sugar and orange, mixed, can become a true ally for health and for overcoming classic ailments such as coughs and colds. But what are the benefits and how to prepare this   grandmother’s remedy?  Let’s find out together.

Coughs and colds: how to combat seasonal ailments

Seasonal diseases   always arrive on time, generally with the first cold weather and in autumn or spring. Whether it is a cough or a cold, we always look for a remedy to alleviate the problem.

Cough and cold

Most of the time we seek advice from our trusted doctor and end up taking strong medication. This is not a mistake, especially if your doctor recommends it. Alternatively, to calm cough and dissolve phlegm, it is always advisable   to consume natural ingredients.

In this case, grandmothers recommend a mixture of sugar and orange. Two natural ingredients that are excellent for the throat, cough and   also dissolve the phlegm   that affects the lungs without allowing breathing.

Sugar and orange, the home remedy: preparation and use

As mentioned, these seasonal diseases are always present and affect both adults and children. For this reason, it would be optimal to use only natural remedies, which can help alleviate the disorder by creating a protective barrier.

To prepare this remedy you need   :

  • two organic oranges;
  • a teaspoon of sugar for each orange;
  • organic lemon juice.

Start by cutting   the oranges into two equal parts   and then sprinkle them with sugar, only on the pulp part. Immediately afterward, place them on a baking tray and let them rest. Then, some people boil the oranges in water with lemon (the water level should not exceed the orange zest).

orange and sugar

Once the oranges are very hot and the sugar completely dissolved, wait for them to cool. Immediately afterwards, she manually squeezes   the oranges   with the sugar into a glass and drinks grandma’s syrup. It is a miraculous substance that combines the power of Vitamin C with the sweetness of sugar, to relieve cough and dissolve phlegm in a completely natural way.

To enhance its benefits, you can add ginger or honey that further relieve cough and strengthen the immune system.

It is taken   twice a day   (morning and night) until the affected person feels better. If you have any intolerance or discomfort towards oranges, contact your doctor.