Tangerine peels, why soak them in a jar of alcohol?

You should never throw away the tangerine peels but do like many others: just submerge them in a jar full of alcohol to achieve this. Tangerine peels   should never be thrown away, not only because of the multiple properties they have but also because of the uses to which they will be put. Do you know what you get when you dip them in a jar full of alcohol? Everyone does it and it’s    time to learn it as soon as possible.

Properties of tangerine peel

A   fragrance that smells like autumn and winter   , thanks to the tangerine peels – or clementines – that have that bright orange color and an aroma that spreads quickly throughout the house.

An excellent fruit rich in properties, used not only in cooking but also in the pharmaceutical-cosmetic industry and for the preparation of   DIY recipes   related to well-being. We tend to always and only use the pulp, but very few know that the peel has beneficial properties that should not be underestimated.

The bark alone can be used to   perfume rooms or drawers   , eliminate the acrid burning smell of the oven or the annoying smell of frying in the kitchen. In addition, many experts use it as compost and fertilizer for plants because it is rich in vitamins and mineral salts.

tangerine zest

In short, a true ally of beauty and nutrition many times and voluntarily thrown on the carpet without being given   a second chance.

Specifically, tangerine skins are rich in   vitamins C and P   , as well as essential oils with fiber and D-Limonene that gives it that typical aroma that the fruit gives off. Among the many actions, anti-inflammatory is undoubtedly the most important.

Tangerine peel and alcohol in a jar: the recipe

Experts always advise   not to throw away tangerine peels   , also because among the different uses in the kitchen, one in particular is adopted by many people. Homemade tangerine liqueur tastes great and is also a lot of fun to make.

How to proceed?

  • Take 10 or 20 tangerines and peel them completely
  • The tangerine peel should be placed in a glass jar with food alcohol. Close the jar and let it marinate in a cool, dark place for 10 days.

After 10 days   it can be filtered, reserving the alcohol obtained. Meanwhile, melt 750 grams of sugar in a saucepan filled with boiling water: this is the classic method for preparing the syrup.

Liquor peels

Mix slowly over low heat and then turn off the heat, allowing the syrup to cool completely. This syrup can respond to the alcohol by straining everything inside the bottles. It is not clear? Filter again and store for a month in a cool, dry place: the tangerine peel liqueur is ready.

What to do with leftover mandarin pulp?

Tangerine pulp that     is not used to make the liquor should never be thrown away. It can be used for a   healthy juice or juicer, or stored to make a delicious jam or even a delicious cake for young and old.

Tangerine peel and pulp