The door squeaks, it takes 2 minutes to fix it: if you do this, the problem will be solved

One of the most common problems is, without a doubt, squeaky doors. It is a very embarrassing discomfort, in fact, it is necessary to implement a natural, effective and, above all, economical remedy that is capable of repairing it. It only takes two minutes – let’s see how to solve this problem.

One of the most annoying problems is the creaking of house doors. It is true that this is a big inconvenience, because in addition to causing an annoying noise, it is also a symptom of a malfunctioning door. But not everyone knows that it only takes 2 minutes to solve this problem.

You won’t have to call a professional or spend hundreds of money, because the solution is simple and fast, you only need one ingredient: let’s find out how to fix it in no time.

Squeaky door, you fix it in 2 minutes: this is how

You’ve probably had a squeaky door in your house. It is really annoying to hear that annoying noise that bothers us every time we open or close it. In these cases you will have thought about replacing it or calling a professional to repair it, but it will be useless.

Don’t you know that you could practice a simple and quick solution? Not only that, it is a really   economical remedy   , you will not have to spend a lot of money on repairs, because the solution is in front of your eyes.

But why does the door creak? Unfortunately, this happens when the hinge is not well   lubricated   , or when dust settles in critical spots, or when rust and dirt accumulate.

Open the door

The causes can really be many, since it not only depends on the reasons we have just listed, but also on a   slight bending   of the hinge or a loose screw.

If the weight of the door is not evenly distributed, it could break because  friction is created between the top and bottom hinges. So how can we solve this problem? It’s really very simple, it will take 2 minutes for this simple procedure – let’s see how.

How to fix a squeaky door: all the details

As you may have guessed, to fix a squeaky door you need to lubricate it. You can think of specific sprays, but in this case they are not necessary, you can try a very useful DIY remedy that will solve the problem in a   short time.

First, remember to clean the door hinges to remove all dirt and dust. From then on, you will have to   lubricate them   with something that you will surely have at home. We’re talking about shaving cream. Just rub a generous amount on the zippers and you’re done.

Apply it evenly and you will see that your door will stop squeaking immediately. Of course, remove the excess foam at the end with a piece of paper. Then do a test, open and close the door. If you still hear this annoying noise, repeat the operation several times until it disappears.

Shaving foam