Tea bags and a sewing machine – you will be surprised by the results!

Using tea bags with a sewing machine may seem unusual, but it is a technique adopted by tailors. In fact, it is a secret that these professionals keep from you. We are going to tell you.

Tea bags and sewing machine: you will be surprised by the results!

We give you a trick that will probably leave you speechless, because you have no idea what you can do with a tea bag and a sewing machine.

To give you a hint, there is another, much more interesting way to take advantage of your grandmother’s legacy.

You can do something beautiful and simple at the same time. Read on and discover how to create your own DIY object:

Collect all the tea bags you have already used;
Let them air dry and empty the contents;
You will end up with small squares that you can join together;
Put them under the sewing machine and assemble them until you have the DIY lamp walls;
Prepare some wilted flowers and vinyl glue;
Glue onto tea bag squares;
Cover with a second layer of tea bags;
Cover with vinyl glue and let dry;
Alternate with the layer of flowers and tea bags.
And then?

Next, assemble the lamp by preparing wooden sticks with interior grooves. Glue the tea bags together to form a square.

Stabilize it with the sticks and you will have a cheap and pretty DIY lamp. Just add some battery-operated candles or LED lights.