Salt on the windowsill: a foolproof trick to try

Sprinkling salt on the windowsill is an old-fashioned method that still works today. That’s why you should also adopt it, because it solves a common domestic problem that is a real headache.

Salt on the windowsill: a foolproof trick that you should try

Sprinkling salt on your windowsill can solve a common household problem. In practice, it deters ants from entering the house.

This time of year, ants can be found in every corner of the kitchen. They congregate in places that could be a source of food.

These unwanted insects are difficult to remove. They are persistent and hardworking little creatures that will stop at nothing to transport their loot back to the anthill.

If you leave breadcrumbs or grains of sugar on surfaces, the ants will not hesitate to work as a team to transport them.

Instead of using environmentally harmful chemicals, opt for natural repellents that are twice as effective as these industrial alternatives. That’s why it’s a good idea to sprinkle coarse salt on your window sills.

These insects cannot stand the texture of this condiment. You can also put coarse salt in the pantry to make it an enemy of ants, moths and butterflies.

As you can see, this white gold is a true ally in the home, and should never be missing from your cupboard.

For your information, coarse salt is also an excellent absorbent product that you can use to remove bad odors from the refrigerator. It has the same potential as baking soda.