The bottle trick to get rid of mice in the house

The bottle trick to get rid of mice in the house

We let you imagine a terrible scene: you wake up at night to drink a glass of water and you observe a tiny figure running… At that moment, you know that you have nocturnal visitors and that they absolutely must eradicate before they invite their friends. This is why we are giving you a clever tip so that you can quickly chase away these mice, without having to resort to a drastic and expensive trap…

Mice are not always welcome at home, they evoke dirt and repugnance and should certainly not take up residence in your home, otherwise welcome the infestation… They are looking for a cozy nest and a source of food and that is why they find refuge in your home. So have you tried the sophisticated traps supposedly effective in exterminating mice? Don’t even think about it, our tip will only require one plastic bottle… Let’s see how it works!

How to get rid of mice?

As soon as you detect unwanted guests, the obsession to eliminate them sets in. Mice usually don’t just make a brief visit, especially in the fall and winter when they’re looking for a warm refuge, like your house.

Professional exterminators are numerous, but they involve costs and sometimes harsh methods. Have you considered a simple plastic trap to catch those clever mice that have invaded your home? Interested ? Perfect ! Let’s start by understanding how to detect their discreet presence in your home…

How do you know if you have a mouse in your apartment or house?

A mouse in the kitchen

To decide whether there is a mouse in a strategic location in your home, rely on the following rodent signs; we will then show you how to react.

  • You hear scratching noises on the walls and ceiling. This is normal because rodents are nocturnal animals;
  • You notice that your clothes are chewed, the mouse may be using them to build its nest;
  • You observe holes in furniture and cabinets, it’s always the mouse nest under construction. It’s funny to think that these rodents use it to mount the pillars of their house…
  • You find snacked food and ruined food in the jars, she has to eat, right? Don’t be surprised to find small black granules that she must have defecated…

Okay, now that you’re sure you’re not alone at home, let’s move on to talking about natural mouse repellents. We present the plastic bottle solution which is very successful!

How to catch a mouse with the bottle trick?

A mouse trapped in a bottle

Instead of using a chemical product, we strongly suggest the bottle trick which will quickly get rid of mice without killing them or harming them.

To do this, you will first need an empty plastic bottle, a pair of scissors or a knife, two wooden skewers, two small rubber bands, some string and of course a tempting bait with a strong smell.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Cut the plastic bottle about a third of the way down but not completely to use the cap;
  2. Make four holes on each side of the cut piece and insert the two skewers that you will tie on each side with an elastic band;
  3. Hole the bottom of the bottle and pull a string through this hole which you will connect to the cork. The length of the string will depend on the length of the bottle so that it can close once the rat crosses the entry point;
  4. At the bottom of the bottle, tie a bait with a pungent smell to the string. Mice like pieces of meat or sausage, cheese, lard… a small piece is enough.

All that remains is to watch for the arrival of the mouse which will quickly succumb to the smell of the food. And presto, once you come, once you get stuck! Here is an economical and quick solution that does not torment mice but drives them away. In addition, this method will also save you from violent traps that risk hurting your children or pets.