The brilliant tip for cleaning the oven thoroughly and making it look sparkling again

Dishwasher tablets are not only used to wash your dishes, they can also clean your oven with a simple, easy and effective gesture. With this practical and functional tip you will save time, money and, above all, a lot of effort. No more spending hours trying to scrub the bottom of your burnt oven!
Why does the oven get dirty so quickly?
The high oven temperatures make it difficult to remove food particles and other grease that stick to the oven walls. Dirt and grease stains quickly accumulate on the inner glass of the oven, and rubbing it vigorously can damage it. With this simple method you can remove grease stains in just a few steps using just a dishwasher tablet.

The tip of the dishwasher tablet for cleaning the oven
Dishwasher tablets are highly concentrated in cleaning agents and have enormous degreasing power.

The phosphate it contains dissolves fats, decalcifies and makes dishes, pots and glasses shine with just one tablet.


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The pellets have the ability to thoroughly degrease and clean. And while they are effective at cleaning dishes, they are just as effective at removing and scrubbing a dirty oven with grease stains.

When using this method, it is recommended to wear gloves to avoid skin irritation.

To clean your oven, simply follow these steps
Take a small container and fill it with lukewarm water.
Unpack a dishwashing tray and submerge it in lukewarm water for a few seconds.
Once the tablet is wet, remove it from the water and rub it on the inside of the oven door. Scrub until all grease and dirt is removed.
Use a dish sponge (soft side) to absorb excess dish soap.
Clean with a damp cloth and dry with a clean, dry cotton cloth.
Practical, right?