This is why it is important to add vinegar to the washing machine

Over time and use, white linen loses its luster and whiteness and turns yellow. This causes our clothes to lose their new appearance. Repeated trips in the washing machine or chemicals do not help to always find white, soft and clean clothes. To do this you must use natural and ecological products such as white vinegar. Find out why you need to pour white vinegar into the washing machine.
White vinegar is a natural cleaning ally. In addition to maintaining the house, she also takes care of the laundry. Pour some white vinegar into your washing machine and see how good it can be for your clothes.

The benefits of white vinegar in laundry

  1. A Suavizante of Natural Telas
    To soften your clothes, especially your towels, you can use white vinegar. Thanks to its anti-limescale effect, vinegar dissolves the limescale contained in water, preventing it from depositing on clothing and making it rough.

To do this, simply add 250 ml of white vinegar to the dishwashing container. White vinegar not only softens your clothes but also prevents lint from forming.

If you want to soften your clothes and make them smell nice, you can make your own fabric softener.

For this you need

50 cl Mineral-Water
25 cl white vinegar
10 drops of lavender or lemon essential oil
Simply mix these ingredients in a bottle and pour a capful of this mixture into the dishwashing bowl.

  1. An anti-color
    If you notice that your dirty clothes smell strongly while washing, as is the case with sports clothes, pour a glass of white vinegar into them during the final rinse cycle. This neutralizes bad odors and deodorizes your clothes.


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  1. A color fixer
    Use white vinegar to set the colors of your clothes during a wash cycle and prevent bleeding. To do this, add 250 ml of vinegar to the machine at the start of the wash cycle.

If you have questions about a new piece of clothing, you can also use vinegar. To set the color and ensure that it does not stick to other clothing, immerse it in a container with a little white vinegar and coarse salt diluted in water. Allow your garment to drain for 1 to 2 hours and then rinse with clean water.

If the rinse water is discolored, repeat the process.

  1. White vinegar for whitening clothes
    The acids in vinegar help whiten clothes without damaging them. Pour a glass of white vinegar into the washing machine’s detergent drawer and run a wash cycle. White vinegar not only cleans and disinfects your clothes, but it also cleans and disinfects your clothes without detergent.

You can treat yellow spots under the armpits or in the folds of clothing without a washing machine. Soak them in white vinegar diluted with water and let them sit for 1 hour. Then rinse the garment thoroughly with clean water to remove the smell of vinegar.

You can also use lemon to whiten clothes. This citrus fruit is a natural bleaching agent thanks to the citric acid it contains. After washing your clothes with soap, for example Marseille soap, pour 2 tablespoons of lemon juice onto the yellow stains and leave it for a few minutes. Then scrub the stains with a brush and rinse the garment.

Another alternative is to use baking soda. This natural, biodegradable product cleans dirt and removes yellow stains caused by sweat or moisture. Simply immerse the stained item in a container with water and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse. For stubborn stains, sprinkle baking soda directly over it and scrub.