The cup trick, the best way to remove all dirt and bad odors from the oven and microwave

Ovens and microwaves are indispensable appliances in everyday life. We use them almost every day to create delicious recipes or heat up our food. The only problem is that they are not immune to stains. Because when you cook a dish with sauce in the oven or heat a dish in the microwave, neither is protected from splashes.

It is almost inevitable that food will get onto the grills, walls and windows. The result: grease stains penetrate the rooms and burnt smells darken the paint. If there is no panacea to avoid them yet, there is always a way to track down dirt and clean these appliances effectively.
Yes, we sympathize, the task is never easy. Oven and microwave cleaning often takes a lot of time and effort. It’s long and tedious. But maybe you didn’t know the mug method? No need to prolong the suspense, quickly find the trick you missed!

You’ll find the ingredients you need for optimal cleaning here. The advantage is that you don’t have to incur unnecessary costs: you probably already have them all in your kitchen!

Ingredients :
1/2 glass of water
Juice of one lemon
1/2 glass of white vinegar
1 ceramic mug, suitable for microwave and oven
For those who don’t know: White vinegar is a powerful cleaner with incredible stain removing, degreasing, descaling and deodorizing properties. Its place is often in the kitchen, as it is a staple. But its versatility also makes it a real ally for all kinds of household chores.

Like vinegar, lemon is a citrus fruit with a thousand benefits. As much as it cleanses the body, it can also replace many industrial household cleaning products. In addition, thanks to its acidity, it absorbs dirt, gives surfaces a shine and dispels bad odors. Here it reinforces the descaling effect of vinegar and gives the inside of the appliances a fresh and fragrant note.

Cleaning the oven
To clean the oven
Are you still curious about the cup trick? We’ll get there.

Get yourself an oven-safe ceramic cup. Fill it with the ingredients, paying attention to the dosages given above. Now let’s look at the procedure to effectively cleanse the tag. You’ll see it’s quite simple!

Switch on the oven and preheat it to 180 °C. Put the cup in and leave it there for at least 10 minutes. Then check whether the solution in the cup has evaporated. If you feel that there is still not enough steam, leave it for a few more minutes. It is precisely this steam that softens the stains, making them less resistant and much easier to remove. And it is also what drives away unpleasant odors!

Then switch off the oven, carefully remove the cup (without burning yourself!) and descale the oven with the remaining solution. Using gloves and a sponge, scrub thoroughly in all corners. You will find that there is no need to pray over stains. From the grids to the door, everything will be spotless in no time!

Note : Always be careful not to burn yourself when cleaning the appliance.

Clean microwave
To clean the microwave
Here are the steps for cleaning the microwave . Unlike the oven, it is smaller and transfers heat more quickly.

As a precaution, it is better to halve the cans to be placed in the mug. For convenience, opt for a smaller cup instead. However, be careful not to make any dosing errors: Even when reducing the quantity, always remember to use equal parts water and vinegar.

Then place the cup in the microwave as you would in the oven and leave it on a low setting for a few minutes. The liquid in the cup will evaporate and dissolve the encrusted dirt.

Then remove the cup very carefully so as not to burn yourself. Put on gloves and scrub with a sponge to remove any stuck-on dirt. You will be pleasantly surprised that the stains disappear without you having to do anything. And if you smell carefully, you will notice that even the bad odors have disappeared!

Please note
Test the products first in a hidden corner of your appliances to make sure you don’t damage or discolor them even more.

Always remember to clean your oven and microwave when temperatures drop. Never remember to do this while they are still hot!