The floor, your windows and your mirrors will shine like never before if you do this

To best clean the floor, windows and mirrors, removing even the most stubborn stains, just rely on this simple remedy.

Cleaning  your house  is undoubtedly an activity to be carried out with a certain frequency, in order to be able to live in an environment that is always healthy and comfortable. Carrying out a thorough disinfection of your home means, above all, thoroughly washing the floors, where dirt and dust tend to accumulate, but also the  shelves, windows, mirrors, shelves, furniture  and everything what is inside the different rooms. However, even when we do everything we can to restore the shine to our home, sometimes  some stains just won’t come off  . What to do in these cases?

Floors, windows and mirrors are like new again: here’s how to do it

The first thing that comes to mind is to go to one of the specialized stores and buy one of those very powerful chemical products that allow you to intervene effectively even on the most stubborn dirt.

Clean the floors

However, many do not know that it is also possible to adopt alternative solutions , less expensive and significantly less impactful on the environment.

Well yes, to remove the most difficult stains you can use one of grandmother’s classic remedies. This solution  will restore shine not only to your floor  , but also to the window panes and all the mirrors.

The first thing to do is to get a container in which we will put  two liters of water  . The classic bucket that we usually use to wash floors can also work.

Inside the container, where we have poured the two liters of water, we add  a cup of white vinegar and a teaspoon of liquid soap  , finishing with a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate.

Let’s mix everything carefully to make this solution even more effective. We have thus obtained the preparation which will allow us to eliminate all the most stubborn stains on floors, windows and mirrors.

We dip the cloth in the solution we have just prepared and  begin to pass it over the floor  , especially in the areas where the stains are that we simply could not remove.

We will note with great satisfaction that after a few passes the grease stains will begin to come off, giving us a bright and shiny floor.

The solution is also ideal for glass and mirrors

And that’s not all, because this simple solution is also particularly important  for eliminating all the bacteria  that accumulates on the floor.

Clean the mirrors

The remedy will appear so effective that it will make the floor look like a real mirror. As mentioned, this solution is also ideal for glass and mirrors, although we obviously have to do it differently.

Simply place an excellent preparation  in a spray bottle  . After pouring a little water into the bottle (about a cup, editor’s note), add a spoonful of dish soap and half a cup of white vinegar.

Stir well, cover the spray bottle carefully and spray the solution on the glass and mirrors. All dirt can then be removed with a clean, soft cloth or window cleaner  . It really only takes a few minutes to get them looking new again.