The mistake we all make with the dishwasher 

Did you know that everyone makes a big mistake when using the dishwasher? This mistake is costly and increases your electricity bill. Many do not know it, but it is good for everyone to know what error it is. Let’s find out in detail what you should never do again!

Without a doubt, the   dishwasher is a very helpful appliance at home,   especially for those who work a lot and have little time to dedicate to cleaning dishes and utensils. In fact, this appliance saves you   time and effort in washing dishes and pots   and helps everyone who works to always have a clean and tidy kitchen.

However, many times many do not realize that they are   making a serious mistake when using the dishwasher   . What error is it? Many make this mistake without thinking twice and without thinking about what they will face in terms of financial costs.

Not only that,   it is a mistake that results in increased water consumption   , and it is certainly not good for those who want to save money. But what is that mistake that wastes the most water? Let’s find out what it is, so you don’t repeat it!

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Do not rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

As we have already mentioned, the dishwasher is an essential appliance, it saves time and effort in cleaning dishes and cutlery and thanks to technological innovations it uses less water than you think.

However,   there are many who make mistakes when using the dishwasher   , convinced that to obtain maximum efficiency from this appliance, it is not necessary to rinse the dishes before loading them and therefore resort to pre-washing.

In addition to taking time and wasting water,   pre-washing does not allow you to take advantage of the benefits of this new generation appliance. But why ? Simple, if you rinse the dishes with the prewash   you only waste more water   , while the dishwasher is designed to waste less.

Instead,   you will only have to scrape the dishes to avoid dirtying them inside the appliance and wasting water washing them. In addition, you should know that dishwashers work at high temperatures and guarantee perfect cleaning of the dishes.

An impeccable clean is provided by the hot water and detergent that you put in the device, but it is certainly not the prewash that guarantees a perfect clean. Following the prewash procedure reduces the potential of the dishwasher and, in addition, also wastes a lot of water   . Then simply scrape the dishes without rinsing them and put them in the dishwasher to wash.

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Avoid removing food remains with prewash

To remove dirt from dishes, instead of activating the prewash and wasting more water, you can simply do it using a paper towel or a spoon.

With this clever gesture you will prevent food from getting stuck in the device. However, there are also latest generation dishwashers that guarantee even greater performance and   are equipped to remove the most stubborn dirt.

Not only that, to save money,   you should also use the right amount of detergent   and avoid overloading the unit to get the most out of its performance by using   a water softener.

In this way,   a good amount of salt will be distributed depending on the hardness of the water. For this reason it is necessary to know the level of limestone in the water.

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Recommended dishwasher detergent

The forms of detergent to use for the dishwasher   are gel, tablets and powder   , indicated for use in this appliance. There are also detergents that contain both salt and rinse aid and therefore ensure the cleanliness of the dishes and the correct maintenance of the appliance.

If the dishwasher is equipped with a “tablet” program, detergents can be placed in the   detergent drawer instead of the cutlery basket   . As you can see, you can save water and energy if you do not use the dishwasher pre-wash and   spend less on your electricity and water bill.