Pour 1 glass of water once a month on the radiator: guaranteed savings

Radiator maintenance is very important. Come and find out why pouring water into your radiator once a month can solve the problem.

With the arrival of the winter months, the radiators begin to turn on to protect us from the cold   . However, many times it can happen that after months of non-use something goes wrong and it is necessary to run out immediately to check what is blocking the normal and correct functioning of the radiators.

You must first understand the problem and then try to solve it. Sometimes they can be solved at home with simple steps, other times it is necessary to call an expert to better understand what the problem is. One of the main problems that can compromise the normal functioning of radiators is dirt   .

Indeed, before the winter season you always have to do a general cleaning, but sometimes the problem can also be something else. It is not just an accumulation of dust or dirt, although most of the time it is not always cleaned properly, so now we will see how to remove dirt the correct way.

Pour water into the radiator: that’s what it’s for

It is especially the radiator that accumulates dirt between   dust and grease.


Furthermore, if the latter is clogged, the radiator will not work properly by not emitting the appropriate amount of heat. The balance is also negative in terms of waste since the amount of the invoice will increase considerably.

We must also remember that a damaged radiator can also cause a health problem   . In fact, it can cause a sore throat or breathing problems. For this reason, as we said, cleaning radiators is important but many times it can be really complicated because some points are really difficult to reach.

Therefore, we are going to see how to properly clean radiators with a simple jug of water   . It is a quick and inexpensive method that will nevertheless work very well and thoroughly clean your radiators. But first of all, it is always better to clean the exterior with a cloth.

Then we can move on to the radiator. First you should place a basin under the radiator so that it can collect the water that will drain   and prepare some old rags in case there is water on the floor. Remember before starting that the radiators must be cold and turned off.


Then you can proceed by preparing a jug with hot water in which you will dissolve some of the Marseille soap flakes   . The latter is usually used for household tasks and is also very useful in this case. Once the mixture is ready, you can pour it before the water cools into each slot of the radiator.

The hot water will remove all the grease and dirt and all the dirty water will fall back under the container you placed earlier. You can then wipe with a cloth and at this point the radiator will be completely clean. Therefore, to always have it clean, it is advisable to carry out this type of cleaning at least once a month, so that it always works in the best way   .