How to hang clothes without leaving traces

One of the best inventions of modernity is undoubtedly our washing machine and if we have one it is sensational because it washes our clothes and in some cases also spins them. But   even so, we still have one job left: hanging it, which is sometimes difficult…

Do you ever hang up your clothes and when you pick them up after drying them they are wrinkled? Well, if this happens to you, don’t worry, in   today’s article we have compiled some tips to keep in mind to avoid those annoying wrinkles so that you can enjoy your clean and impeccable clothes.

1- Choose a washing program without so many revolutions

This is the simplest trick because   it consists of programming the washing machine correctly to avoid leaving clothes wrinkled. Depending on the model and modernity of your washing machine, you can choose certain options so that the wash is deeper, more thorough, faster, and other options.

If you choose a program with several revolutions, the washing machine will go very hard and spin several times, thus agitating your clothes more and causing them to curl and wrinkle more. That’s why   a program with fewer revolutions is preferable and you can be sure that your clothes will come out washed and perfect.

2- Hang the clothes once the wash is finished

It seems quite obvious to do it, but the reality is that many times we cannot predict how long it will take our washing machine to do its job   with the clothes inside, many other things arise that cause us to not be there when it is finished.

And that’s why it’s a trick   to hang it as soon as you finish washing. This will ensure that your clothes don’t spend time hanging on each other or mixed up and wrinkled. In addition, this way you will avoid accumulating moisture, which will force you to wash everything again and waste more time.

3- Shake the clothes well before hanging them

When our washing machine finishes the task of washing the clothes we put inside, then it’s time to do the job: hang them. And for that, a great trick is to shake it as soon as you take it out, before putting it online.

Shaking it is a trick that will help you prevent the wrinkles that you have managed to remove and put back in the washing machine from being left behind when it is your turn to dry the clothes. You can take it from above and shake it to stretch it and remove these shapes. 

4-Draw the clothes upside down

This trick is wonderful and will change your life when it comes to wrinkled clothes because it consists of hanging   the clothes upside down to prevent the hooks or bars where you store your clothes from marking the garment on the soft and most visible side.

There are different designs of clothes to dry or hang depending on the home, tastes and needs, but whatever your style,   try to turn each garment inside out when you hang it to prevent wrinkles from chasing you.

5- Place clothes separately

This other trick is very simple although sometimes it is difficult for us to achieve it and it involves hanging the clothes separately from each other. This   will allow each to dry without the other touching it or weighing it down and thus creating an unpleasant crease.

In addition to avoiding wrinkles, placing clothes separately will help them dry properly   and not in pieces   , and they will not smell musty   . It takes time to dismantle it but it is very useful and effective. Do not forget!

6- Pay special attention to hanging heavy clothes

Heavy garments such as wool or leather jackets, wide pants in thick fabrics, blankets or duvets   are more than practical to hang horizontally and not vertically as we usually do with the rest of our clothes.

Although hanging things horizontally will take up more space on the clothesline, it is definitely a   good idea to hang them horizontally because this will prevent them from stretching and causing unwanted wrinkles   . Maybe you should do different batches of washes when you have heavy clothes so you can hang them with space and comfort.