How to keep ants and mosquitoes away forever and naturally

Ants   can   be a real pest in our homes, especially during the warmer months. Difficult to eradicate, to eliminate this pest we often resort to insecticides which, in addition to being harmful to our health, often only have a temporary effect. In this article we list some remedies that   keep ants and mosquitoes away   .

Cinnamon   . It is an excellent natural repellent, which can keep ants away forever. It contains essential oils that, in addition to having repellent properties, also act as an insecticide. Pour a few drops of cinnamon essential oil into a glass of water. Dip a cotton ball in it and then wipe it over the areas where ants enter.

White vinegar   . Its strong smell is unbearable for ants. Mix two equal parts vinegar and water, then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray at ant entry points.

Borax   . It is toxic to ants and helps us eliminate them forever. Mix two equal parts of borax and food gelatin. This remedy will attract and kill the ants. Warning: Borax is toxic, keep away from children and pets.

Lemon   . Its smell blocks ants, while its acidic properties eliminate their traces. Rub lemon on doors, windows, and other ant entry points. Lemon essential oil is also very effective: dilute it in water and apply it to the entry points with a cotton ball.