The most effective trick for degreasing plastic containers in seconds

Widely used by students and workers to take their lunches to school or work, plastic containers are very versatile items that can also come in handy in the kitchen, such as for storing sauces or other types of dishes.

However, when excessively fatty foods are stored inside them, they get dirty despite being washed repeatedly. Precisely because of the grease and food residue, the plastic of the container ends up taking on an annoying yellowish or orange tint.

Fortunately, there is a very fast method to get rid of orange halos from plastic containers. It only takes very few ingredients to make them look like new again.

The method involves putting some paper towels, a little liquid dish detergent and warm water in the plastic container.

Then close the container and shake it well. Next take a few pieces of paper towels and tear them into smaller pieces, then shake again. This operation will allow the paper to absorb the water.

After about a minute, remove all the blotting paper from inside the container and pour the liquid down the drain. Rinse the plastic container well and it will be as good as new and will no longer have those pesky orange stains.