The most effective trick to quickly restore faded dark clothes

It can happen that your favorite dark jeans take on an unkempt and faded appearance after being worn several times. Fortunately, there is an ecological and effective trick to return them to their original color .

Jeans are practical and go with everything. For this reason, we wear them very often, therefore wearing them out and favoring the loss of their original color, especially if they are particularly dark.

If you have a dark item that has lost its color , you have three options: recycle it in a bag or other accessory, throw it away, or try to restore it to its original color .

To put into practice the best natural method for restoring faded dark clothing , you need three ingredients: baking soda , bay leaves , and of course, water.

Boil the bay leaves for a few minutes, remove from the heat, add a generous spoonful of baking soda and allow to cool.

Immerse the dark item to be regenerated in the solution and wait at least 24 hours before washing it normally. Of course, wash the garment separately and only together with other dark clothing.

With this very effective trick you can restore your faded dark clothes so you don’t have to throw them away or recycle them.

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