The sheet trick for drying clothes without using the dryer

As temperatures drop, we are undeniably trying to reduce our energy consumption, which increases our bills. Using a tumble dryer or heated dryer can be expensive. However, thanks to this trick, you can now dry your clothes without spending a dime.

Drying clothes outdoors in winter is a real struggle, especially when it rains or snows. To speed up drying times and save money, this technique can make the difference. Follow the leader.

How to dry clothes quickly in winter without dryer?

Air drying your clothes is one of the easiest and most economical ways to significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. In fact, during  the warmer months of the year  , it’s easy to dry your clothes outdoors. The open air and the sun do what is necessary to obtain dry laundry. On the other hand,  in winter  , clothes take longer to dry and this is a real challenge for families who do not have access to a dryer. But is there a way to do without this energy-intensive device in the winter and still be able to dry your clothes at home?

Dry clothes outdoors during snowfall
  • The trick to drying clothes with a sheet and a drying rack

This unstoppable trick allows you to easily dry your clothes while revolutionizing your washing and drying routine forever. All you need is  a drying rack, a sheet and a lit stove. . The procedure consists of positioning the clothesline near the turned on radiator before placing the wet laundry on it. Once you’ve got your clothes and towels sorted, cover the drying rack with a fitted sheet, then make sure to tuck the other end of the sheet into the back of the heater. This process, in fact, creates a sort of bubble of hot air which traps the heat from the radiator inside the sheet, thus accelerating drying. All you have to do is wait a few hours (drying time depends on the materials your clothes are made of) for your laundry to be completely dry.

Attention :

However, avoid increasing the temperature of the radiator and do so when you have enough time to supervise the laundry to avoid any risk of fire. That said, don’t forget to keep a window or two ajar to prevent moisture from building up in case steam manages to escape.

Place a drying rack near the radiator and cover it with a sheet

Other methods for drying laundry indoors without using a dryer

These additional tips can be very helpful if you want to dry your clothes without using the dryer.

  • Dry clothes on hangers

If you don’t have an outdoor space to dry your clothes, however, you can alternatively use plastic or steel hangers. To do this, hang one item of clothing per hanger at a time and hang it in a window, coat rack, or anywhere else where free air can come into contact with the laundry.

Dry clothes on hangers
  • Dry the laundry with a hairdryer

If you have a hair dryer at home, use it to dry your laundry. To do this, move it back and forth to reach the entire surface of the garment. However, do not keep it on one part of the garment for a long time, it may damage the fabric.

With energy prices skyrocketing lately, it’s natural to want to save as much as possible, especially on energy-intensive appliances like your clothes dryer. This measure will be of great help to you, as long as you carefully monitor the drying of the laundry to avoid any risk of fire.