The trash can will never smell bad again: discover the infallible trick

The remains of food that end up at the bottom of the bucket end up giving off a nauseating smell after a few hours. This bad smell is accentuated in summer, due to the heat. But you can’t just throw away the trash: you have to respect the collection schedule. To prevent the unpleasant smell from spreading throughout the house, there are some tricks you can adopt. However, the first thing to do is put a garbage bag in the bin so that it does not get stained with dirt and odors.

The garbage can will never smell bad again: discover the infallible trick

Lemon has a degreasing, deodorant and antibacterial action. To use it, simply remove the peel and place it at the bottom of the bucket or garbage bag. Replace it every 3 days.
Baking soda is a powerful absorbent that helps eliminate moisture and bad odors. It is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly and affordable. To use, sprinkle the powder in the bottom of a bag or bucket and replace once a week.
Coffee grounds help mask bad odors in the bucket. It is best to dry them before placing them in a container in the bucket. As with baking soda, replace it once a week.
With lemon peel, you can use essential oil to accentuate the freshness. Choose lemon essential oil, which is antibacterial, or eucalyptus essential oil.
Lastly, you can use cinnamon, which has a strong smell. This spice acts as a repellent and natural deodorant.
Natural trick to clean a stuck bucket

If the bottom of your trash can is stained and gives off bad odors, you can clean it thoroughly with vinegar. It is an antibacterial product, as well as a deodorant and descaler. Just pour a few glasses into a basin of water. You can also use citric acid or salt.