The trick of luxury hotels to always have soft and spongy towels

When we buy new towels, we always make sure to choose the softest ones , as they are more pleasant to the skin and can dry better. However, they tend to become rough over time and with washing.

Towels are usually always damp and warm, making them a perfect environment for germs and mold to multiply. That’s why it’s important to change towels at least once a week .

If you use fabric softener when washing your towels to make them softer and more fragrant, you are making a serious mistake that will have counterproductive consequences. Fabric softeners reduce the ability of towels to absorb moisture.

Below we suggest the most effective trick to wash towels and make them as soft and spongy as they were when you first bought them.

To put this trick into action, you only need two ingredients: white vinegar and lemon juice .

Both ingredients prevent bad smells and make the towels softer . Vinegar in particular prevents mineral salts from getting stuck between the fibers.

Pre-wash with cold water, then add 100 ml of white vinegar and the juice of three lemons and mix well. Wash the towels a second time and then rinse them with plenty of water.

When washing towels, it is important to use little detergent. Although essential, laundry detergent can have the same effect as fabric softener if used excessively.

Dry towels in the shade and avoid direct sunlight, which can make them hard and rough.

Now that you know how to wash towels to make them super soft , you can immediately put the trick described above into practice to keep them looking like new.