How to clean the toilet cistern and make it look new again

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most important tasks in the bathroom, but we often limit ourselves to cleaning and disinfecting the outside surfaces. However, we forget about an area that is also prone to the accumulation of dirt, mold and limescale: the toilet cistern.

Because this important part of the toilet is not easily visible, we often forget about it. But a clean and disinfected toilet cistern will not only help us prevent and avoid bad smells, but it will also work better and save water.

In this article we suggest a wonderful trick that will help you clean the toilet cistern quickly and without the use of chemicals. You need:

new toilet brush
White wine vinegar
Completely empty the toilet tank and close the water valve to prevent refilling.

Pour half a bottle of vinegar into a bottle with a spray diffuser and spray it over the entire interior surface of the toilet tank. Let it sit for a few hours to optimize the cleaning effect.

Then use the sponge to remove all dirt and then use the toilet brush to remove all limescale and mold.

Once all the dirt is removed, rinse the cistern and open the water valve to refill it.

Now that you know how to clean the toilet cistern, don’t wait any longer and use the trick described above to eliminate bad smells and improve the performance of the entire toilet system.