The trick so that suction cups never fall again

A practical and decorative everyday object, the suction hook has almost become essential in our homes. Let’s admit that it often saves our lives: it allows us to hang our paintings on the walls of the living room as well as our bathrobes on the bathroom door. Thanks to the suction cup, there is no need to drill our equipment or have unsightly holes on our materials. Simply attach the hooks to smooth surfaces, such as glass or tiles, and you can then decorate your spaces as you wish. And, the big advantage of this ingenious hanging system is that the suction cup can be moved, so you can install it anywhere in the house!
The problem: as much as we love the versatility and functionality of these accessories, they never last long on the wall! Especially if they have to contain quite heavy items. After a certain time, they end up weakening and falling apart on their own.

Are your suction cups torturing you because they don’t always stay in place? No need to worry about your hooks anymore: so that they no longer fall unexpectedly, we have the solution for you!

Here are simple, effective tips to stop suction cups from falling off your shower walls or sliding off your mirror once and for all. Follow these steps to ensure they are well bonded and very durable.

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Surface – Source : spm

Choose a suitable surface
The ideal surface for applying a suction cup should be clean, flat and perfectly smooth. Even the strongest suction cups do not stick to porous surfaces for long, as it is impossible to achieve a hold free of air pockets.
That said, there are several types of surfaces that suction cups can stick to, including glass, hard plastic, acrylic, formica, and stainless steel. You can easily attach suction cups to windows, mirrors or the front of your dishwasher. On the other hand, avoid using suction cups on curved or textured surfaces, like your car dashboard, as it will be very difficult to get a lasting bond.

Clean surface
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Clean surface – Source: spm

Clean the Surface
Before attempting to install a suction cup, it is important to ensure that the surface you are applying it to is completely clean. So rub the entire chosen surface with your usual household cleaner, then rinse it and dry it carefully with a lint-free cloth. This cleaning will remove any dirt or possible debris that could affect good adhesion.
Wipe surface
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Wipe surface – Source: spm

Wipe the surface with alcohol!
Once the surface is well cleaned and clean, you need to wipe it again with rubbing alcohol. Why this double cleaning? Because while this alcohol is not a great cleaning product in itself, it is perfect for removing the last traces of dirt before you can stick your suction cup in the best conditions.
NB: Rubbing alcohol is also the best way to prepare a surface before hanging hooks or the like. First clean the surface as usual, then wipe it with rubbing alcohol before applying the adhesive to achieve a long-lasting bond.

Clean suction cup
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Clean suction cup – Source: spm

Clean the suction cup itself
In addition to cleaning the surface on which you want to attach it, it is necessary that the suction cup is clean and free of any dust. Rinse it with lukewarm water, focusing on the inside of the suction cup, then shake it to remove excess water. (Don’t dry it too much either: water droplets inside the suction cup can prevent air pockets from forming inside the joint).
Fix suction cup
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Fix suction cup – Source: spm

Press firmly
Finally, it’s time to attach the suction cup! Press it firmly against the window, wall or tile where you wish to install it and stick it well, ensuring that there are no air bubbles between the suction cup and the surface.
Suction cup on wall
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Suction cup on wall – Source: spm

Let it sit
After attaching the suction cup, let it sit for 24 hours so that the bond has time to “set”. This means don’t put any extra weight on the suction cup or the object it’s attached to, and do your best to avoid getting the area wet.
By letting it sit for a whole day, you ensure that the small quantity of water inside the suction cup has dried and that the bonding system is perfectly completed.

Check suction cup
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Check suction cup – Source: spm

Check the fixation
Once your suction cup is stuck, be sure to check the fixation from time to time. Occasionally press the suction cup to eliminate any air pockets that may have formed.
Remember that changes in temperature and humidity (common in the bathroom and kitchen) can affect the flexibility of the suction cup. This may cause air pockets to form or the suction cup to separate from the surface.

From now on, there is no need to buy more, the suction cups you already have will do the job perfectly. You just need to carefully follow the steps you have just presented!