The trick to keep mice away from the house: it is radical

In winter, we often detect some pests trying to enter our homes. Mice in this case are forced to seek shelter in houses, warm themselves and feed. However, although they are harmless, they can cause various damages and inconveniences. To avoid this, here’s how to keep them away from your home with an inexpensive product used in the kitchen.

The lack of food and the drop in temperature push rodents to sneak into homes. Although they are harmless, they are still undesirable, since they end up damaging furniture, walls and many more. 

How to use steel wool to deter mice from entering your house?

In winter, mice often enter homes to find shelter, especially when it is very cold. To combat this quite common problem, the solution is in the kitchen: steel wool . Thanks to the latter, this inconvenience can be put an end to, as it will block the entrances through which the mice enter. 

Steel wool

To do this, simply identify all possible entrances, especially under the sink or at the level of the pipes, then seal them with steel wool. You can easily find it at hardware stores or online. Also know that a brass scouring pad is just as effective. 

Another solution  is to keep mice away with essential oils, such as  mint  or eucalyptus . To do this, use cotton pads that you will impregnate with one of these oils, then placing them at the level of possible entry points for mice.

You can also use a mixture of cloves, mint and cayenne pepper, to pour into gauze bags, which you will place in the places where these pests usually hide. You can also keep them away by crushing mothballs and then scattering them in potential corners of the house. 

Some Other Tips to Deter Mice from Entering Your Home

To prevent unwanted mice from entering your house, there are some simple tips that you should not hesitate to put into practice:

  • Get rid of food scraps  :  Leaving food lying around in the kitchen or other rooms in the house is one way to invite mice to your house. So pay more  attention to the leftovers you leave, especially under the refrigerator.

Also be sure to place your food in airtight containers. In addition, foods intended for cats and dogs attract mice and rats . Again, it is advisable to store them in a tightly closed container.

  • Tidy up your rooms:  It’s no coincidence that mice thrive in places like basements, garages, and attics because these rooms provide them with plenty of shelter. To keep them away from your home, it is advisable to make storage  to prevent mice from coming to stay there. To do this, remove the piles of old newspapers as well as the other debris that reigns there. Also, avoid piling up boxes because mice can hide there.
messy basement
  • Use cat litter:  To scare away mice, you can also use  your cat’s cat litter . To do this, simply spread it around the entrances to your property to scare away mice. In fact,  the smell of urine contained in the sand should discourage them from entering your house.

As you can see, there are several harmless and effective solutions to keep mice away from your home.