Home invaded by cockroaches and cockroaches, how to clean the floor to eliminate them immediately

Here we show you how to prepare a repellent against cockroaches and roaches. All you need is a few tablespoons to pour on the ground and you will scare them away.

Clean the floor this way and  you will permanently eliminate cockroaches and cockroaches  from your home.

Cockroaches and cockroaches, because they enter the house

Spring has arrived and summer is approaching. With the beginning of these beautiful seasons, however, insects also arrive  and begin to invade our homes without control.

As the days get hotter, the  roaches  and cockroaches move closer. But why do they invade our homes in summer? In reality, these insects are active all year round.

Cockroaches, because they enter the house

However, between March and April most of their  eggs hatch  and, therefore, during spring and summer they are especially active. They move around the city and through the most humid and warm areas looking for something to feed on.

We often find these insects in  trash  or coming out of the drains of showers, toilets, bidets, and sinks. Sometimes it is really difficult to prevent them from invading our homes, although we can protect ourselves by putting some precautions into practice.

First of all, we must close any  passage  of the plumbing system to our house and then remove any food residue. Every time we cook, we must clean up immediately and we cannot afford to leave the bag full of food scraps in the trash.

Fortunately, however, there is a remedy that we are sure will be effective against these insects. It is a  natural repellent  .

Cockroach repellent vinegar

Today we offer you an incredible solution that works against several types of insects, especially cockroaches and cockroaches. It is a  vinegar repellent  against cockroaches, which you can make right at home.

The advantage of this insecticide is that you will spend  very few cents  preparing it. So forget about spending a lot of money on effective but expensive chemicals.

Another advantage is related to pollution. This repellent is made up only of natural ingredients, which do not pollute. In addition, it is not harmful to health like many insecticides, which contain  chemicals that  are sometimes even dangerous for humans.

cockroach repellent vinegar

What you will have to do is go to your pantry and look for the bottle of vinegar, which you probably already have at home. Pour a few tablespoons of this liquid into a container, where you will also add a little  water  . Then you can pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

We also recommend adding a few drops of natural floor cleaner   if you think your surfaces need more attention. If not, just the ingredients we have listed would be enough.

Immerse the  mop in the container  and proceed to wash the surface. Cockroaches and roaches  cannot tolerate the smell of vinegar  and will tend to stay away from any area where you have poured it.

That is precisely why we recommend using this ingredient  as often as you can  and in every corner of your house.