The ultimate trick to brighten white laundry and remove old yellow stains

To whiten laundry, we often use bleach or other chemical products that, although effective, can have harmful effects on our health and that of our pets.

However , to effectively whiten your laundry , you can use completely safe natural ingredients and even save some money. These are ingredients that are accessible to everyone and are harmful to health and the environment.

lemon juice

Add 120 ml of lemon juice to a bucket of water and soak the white laundry items in it for at least an hour (overnight for more stubborn stains). Wash normally after the preset time has elapsed.


It is our grandmothers’ whitening product. For whiter but also softer clothes, add 120 ml of white vinegar to the washing machine cycle.


Mix 1 liter of water with 180 grams of baking soda. Soak your clothes in this solution for several hours before washing them normally.

Hydrogen peroxide

It is ideal for brightening laundry and removing stains. Add 120 ml of hydrogen peroxide to the cycle of your washing machine.