This is how I clean the filter of my tap full of limestone: infallible

limescale tap

How to clean the tap filter from limescale?

Obviously there are specific chemical descalers on the market , but they are certainly not good for the environment. And not even for your hands: if you use them, as they are very strong and irritating products, we recommend using gloves.

In reality, however, you can eliminate that limescale that is clogging the tap filter using things you already have at home, therefore at almost zero cost. The first thing you need to do is remove the filter . To do this, you will have to slowly unscrew the tap (hoping that the limescale has not blocked it). Do not act with too much force, otherwise you risk breaking the filter and tap.

White and blue toothbrush

If you are forced to use pliers to unscrew, never place the pliers directly on the tap, but always with a rag placed in between. Otherwise you risk scratching and ruining the taps.

Be careful not to lose the gasket and the screen that the filters are usually equipped with. Once everything has been dismantled you will have to take a small toothbrush (clean, please) and brush the filter screen with it. Then soak the filter in a bowl filled with white wine vinegar and warm water , for at least overnight.

bottle of vinegar

The next morning, rinse well and reassemble everything: clean filter and limescale gone. Maneuver to be repeated every time you notice limescale on the tap filter or a suspiciously reduced flow of water.