This is the tea bag trick that crafty seamstresses don’t want you to know. Is incredible.

Sewing machine: did you know the tea bag trick? It is a very useful method. In this article you will discover a mystery that will leave you speechless.

Tailors use a mysterious technique that they do not want the general public to know about. It’s called the tea bag trick and it will revolutionize your everyday life.

What is the famous tea bag trick?

What happens if you use tea bags with your sewing machine? The result will surprise you.

The sewing machine is a fairly common appliance in French homes. She may have inherited it from her grandmother, or she may have acquired it because she is passionate about sewing and, above all, to save money.

The main function of a sewing machine is to sew clothes, but you can make something pretty with a few tea bags. What can you make with these tea bags and the sewing machine? You can create a lamp, yes, a lamp! But how do you do it?

Below we explain how to make a lamp with tea bags.

First, grab some used tea bags. Next, dry them by emptying the contents. Once this is done, take the tea bag squares and tie them with the sewing machine. Do this 4 times to form the walls of the lamp.

Next, grab some dried flowers and some vinyl glue to spread over the newly sewn square of tea bags. Apply the glue, place the dried flowers on top and cover with the other square of tea bags. Then smear it all over with glue and let it dry. Repeat the same sewing procedure 4 more times.

When you have the dried flower squares ready, it’s time to assemble the lamp. To do this, take wooden sticks that have internal cracks. Next, start joining the squares, giving them a square shape. In just 5 minutes, you can complete the gluing.

When your lamp is properly placed, all you have to do is place some LED lights or a battery-powered candle in your lamp.

And there you have it, in just a few very practical steps, you have a magnificent lamp that can help you limit your energy consumption every day. It’s a great way to recycle waste like tea bags, which are normally thrown in the trash.