Add talcum powder to your vacuum cleaner and your house will smell wonderful.

And if I told you that putting talcum powder in the vacuum cleaner can perfume your house, would you believe me? It’s a crazy trick that guarantees wonderful results.

Who doesn’t dream of living in a clean, fresh and scented house? To achieve this, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly so that it is impeccable.

However, despite all the effort you put into cleaning, you will not be able to escape the unpleasant odors that permeate the house. They are often due to cooking, drains or humidity.

Talcum powder: the infallible solution

To combat bad odors at home, many people tend to use air fresheners sold in stores. There are all kinds of them, from classic bottles to scented candles or potpourri.

There are also those who use more natural methods, such as plants and flowers, which give off a good aroma naturally.

However, you may not know it, but this unexpected product can make your house fragrant thanks to its surprising qualities. You have this product at home, but you use it for other purposes.

Do you have any idea what it is? Talcum powder. It is a body care product in the form of a very fine white powder.

How do you use talcum powder in the vacuum cleaner?

If you put talcum powder in the vacuum cleaner, you will get a pleasant smell that will spread throughout the house. When you vacuum, you will leave a good smell that will become more intense so that you can perfume all the rooms.

To achieve this fabulous effect, start by choosing the talcum powder you prefer. Even if the products have identical scents, it is the intensity that counts, since talcum powder can be softer and more delicate.

Next, sprinkle one or two teaspoons of talcum powder on the floor and start vacuuming until it is completely absorbed. In this way, the vacuum cleaner retains the amount of talcum powder and, when used in other rooms, it will be eliminated while perfuming the house with a pleasant and fresh aroma.

However, you have to be careful when using talcum powder in this way. If some people are allergic to dust, talcum powder can have the same effect.

Therefore, before proceeding, you must make sure that no one in the house is allergic.