This is what happens if you put cloves in a lemon! Impossible!

My gardener has the habit of sticking cloves into a lemon and I have asked him why he does it. Well, this is a surprising but very useful method that many gardeners use to save plants. You will find that this practice may surprise you in several ways.

Lemon is often used in cooking to enhance the flavor of many culinary preparations. It is also very effective for sanitizing and disinfecting certain surfaces in the home.

But few people know that lemons have unsuspected properties that only gardeners know about. Just stick a few cloves into a lemon and your jaw will drop.

Sticking cloves into a lemon: the ultimate method to save your plants!

Lemons are your precious allies when it comes to taking care of your skin, cleaning your house or preparing sublime dishes. But what you may not know is that this yellow citrus is a powerful fertilizer for your indoor plants. And for it to really work, you have to put a few nails in it.

And yes, if you combine lemon with cloves, you can give new life to your indoor plants. It’s a gardener’s favorite trick and you should try it too. You just have to follow these simple steps.

Take a lemon and press it lightly on the work surface or on a table.
Next, take some cloves and stick them into the lemon.
Next, put the fruit in a dry place for 12 hours to rest. During this time, the cloves will release iron oxide, which will transfer to the lemon.
Once the time has passed, gently remove the cloves to extract the lemon juice.
Ensuite dilute the jus in a lit d’eau. Mix it well and pour the resulting solution into a sprayer. Spray on your houseplants that like acidic soil.
Why does it work?

This liquid, rich in iron oxide, is very beneficial for plants that suffer from iron deficiencies and do not benefit from acidic soils. This water ensures a generous supply of the elements they lack. This way you won’t have to see the yellowing leaves that are the result of a lack of iron.

From now on, use this simple method to bring your houseplants back to life.