This kitchen trick saves a lot of money: few people know it

How to save money? With this kitchen trick to try right now and that few people still know about, it will be a piece of cake.

We never have time to stop   and realize that certain actions performed in the kitchen can make you lose a lot of money. Cleaning and DIY experts have decided to make their idea available, an innovative and free method to use on a daily basis.  Shall we clarify?

Clogged Kitchen Sink Pipes – What Causes Them?

Before learning the DIY method, how often   do sink pipes get completely clogged   ? In addition to the bad smell it gives off, there is the risk that the pipe becomes completely clogged and water cannot pass through.

The intervention of a plumber   has a high cost that increases if the problem is more serious than expected. In most cases the cause is distraction with all the food scraps that are not thrown into the wet trash but directly into the sink when washing the dishes.

food in the sink

If you don’t have tools that can pick up this debris, you’ll end up with a clogged sink and a plumber bill to pay. That’s why the expert DIY method could be what saves you   money at the end of the month.

Method to save money in the kitchen: just one bottle is enough

  Methods to save money with homemade tools at no cost are being depopulated on the web . In this case, you will only need a plastic bottle, a cutter and a tool to make small holes.

The bottle with its cap must be inserted into the   sink hole   , upside down. Using a marker, mark as far away as possible and cut off anything that sticks out. Immediately after, take the hole punching tool and burn it with a lit candle or   gas flame.

Holes in the bottle

Many small holes will be created that will serve to drain the water. Five or six holes in the lid are then distributed more evenly   around the plastic.

The tool is ready to use and was created for free. It should be placed   upside down in the sink   every time you wash dishes.

Cooking method

Its main task is to retain food residue and leftovers on the plates, allowing water and detergent to escape through the holes. It is an innovative , pleasant and certainly free invention     to reuse whenever you want.

With this tool   you will no longer have to call the plumber   and the pipes will be free, without being clogged by debris, hair and any other type of food that ends up in the sink.