How to clean and descale the oven using the pot method

When it comes to cleaning, if there is one really boring and tedious household task to do, it is   cleaning the oven   .

Encrusted fats and other food residues   accumulate inside our oven and, over time, harden to such an extent that it is practically impossible to remove them without using a specific product.

The problem is that most of these products are loaded with chemicals and are really harsh. Although they are effective against dirt, they are bad for our health and are likely to end up in our food.

In this article we offer you a method that is a valid alternative to   descaling and oven cleaning products   . Keep reading to find out what it is about.

To put the method into practice we need a   pan suitable for cooking in the oven   . These are saucepans capable of withstanding very high temperatures, almost always made of ceramic, soapstone, cast iron or stainless steel.

Fill the saucepan with   water   , then pour   half a glass of vinegar and the juice of one lemon   . The steam from this solution will help   descale the oven and neutralize bad odors   .

Set the oven to 250 degrees, then put the mold in and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Immediately afterwards, turn off the oven and let it cool. Before it is completely cool, being careful not to burn yourself, use a cloth or sponge to remove any residue that comes off easily.