This natural mixture makes your toilet shine in 3 seconds: no more dirt

Cleaning the toilet and removing incrustations is easy thanks to a natural mixture that you can prepare at home in just a few minutes.

Mixture in the toilet

Cleaning the toilet  is not always pleasant, on the contrary, it can be said that not everyone enjoys doing it. But unfortunately, among the sanitary facilities in the bathroom, it is the one that needs to be cleaned the most often for various reasons. One of them is to take care of your hygiene while maintaining your health. In fact, the bathroom is home to various types of bacteria, as well as fungi and mold, so this area needs to be cleaned frequently.

Speaking of the toilet  :  In some cases, if limescale and incrustations cannot be easily removed, a more thorough cleaning is necessary. But how does that work? Many people mostly use commercial detergents because they don’t know there is a trick. Or rather, a truly magical mixture that you can prepare at home and with which you  can thoroughly clean the toilet  and remove any encrustations and traces of dirt. What are we talking about? Below you will find the answer to this question.

How to clean the toilet thoroughly thanks to a magical mixture

 Having a  clean and shiny home is the desire of not only every woman but every person in general. All the rooms that characterize a house are important, i.e. the kitchen and the bedroom, the living room. However, special attention must be paid to the bathroom. And more specifically to the toilet. It is indeed important that it is always very clean. To ensure this, it might be a good idea to make a really excellent mixture in just a few minutes.

Dirty toilet

We’re talking about a practical and quick solution with which we can remove not only limescale deposits, but also all incrustations in the toilet in general. A very easy to make   DIY cleaner . And all this without the use of particularly aggressive or harmful chemical products. In fact, it will be enough to have some cheap and easy-to-find ingredients available even in the supermarket.

The necessary ingredients and the procedure to follow

To  prepare the  above magical mixture, perfect for deep cleaning the toilet and eliminating incrustations and bad smells, you will need the following:

  • A small cup full of white wine vinegar.
  • One cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Not less than 120 ml of liquid soap.
  • A small cup full of baking soda.

Once the ingredients in question have been recovered, the preparation of the mixture can proceed. These ingredients are all mixed in a container until a fairly homogeneous mixture is obtained.


What happens next when the mixture is finally ready? Very simple, all you have to do is take a sieve and pour everything into a plastic bottle. A sensible alternative could also be to use a bottle that has a sprayer. This way it becomes even easier to use.

At this point all you have to do is take action. The resulting  mixture  is poured a little into the toilet, making sure that all the surfaces to be cleaned are well covered.

Some useful tips

How long should  the mixture work  ? In reality, five minutes can be enough for superficial incrustations. However, if the dirt is heavily encrusted, it may take longer than stated. After the appropriate time has passed, all you need to do is scrub the affected area thoroughly  with a brush  and then flush the toilet. The procedure in question must be repeated at least once more, especially if eliminating the yellow streaks is not entirely easy.

In short,  thoroughly cleaning the toilet  and removing all traces of dirt could really be easier than you think thanks to this magical mixture. In addition, it is very important to clarify that this solution can be used not only to clean the toilet, but also to clean other bathroom facilities. Or even for cleaning the bathroom tiles. The preparation is really very simple and economical. And it can be useful for many things.