This removes all grease stains from clothing, more effective than bleach.

Say goodbye to bleach to remove grease stains from clothes: with this you can solve the problem in seconds.

Grease stains   on clothing are often   impossible to treat. The oil is capable of penetrating inside the stains, damaging the fabrics and remaining permanently without disappearing. Although bleach can be one of the remedies to use, the halo will not disappear and  this annoying stain will form. The garment should not be thrown away, since with this product the stain will be removed instantly.

Grease stains, why don’t they disappear?

How often do you get   grease stains   when cooking or eating? A very small gesture is enough and the fabric immediately absorbs the grease from the oil or the dishes you are about to eat.

grease stains

This stain, if not treated immediately, damages the coat and attacks the textures in depth. What does this imply? In most cases, you can throw it away or find an accessory that can hide the   spot of the stain.

The water of bleach is the first product that is useful to the user, but is very careful. Not for a  delicate product  , but it is also optimal for use on the textures of the fabrics. The same goes for certain products found on the market, with chemical compositions rich in preservatives or corrosive agents.

For this reason, experts indicate  a different type of product  , unthinkable, used every day at other ends.

Product to instantly eliminate grease stains: goodbye to Javel water

As expected, it would be best not to use bleach as a product to remove these stains from clothes. The grease is aggressive, to the point that if it comes into contact with the textures of a fabric, it will spill over and cause  corrosion of the fabric.

In releasing the water of Javel for an instant, you can use another type of ingredient that is unthinkable for this type of action.

We are talking about the classic shaving foam, which in a single gesture can help remove  even greasy stains  without leaving traces. How to do? Simply spray the foam on the affected area then let it sit for a while without touching it.

shaving foam

Immediately after washing the chiffon with the machine, wash or main, as usual. If the stain persists, the mousse can be sprayed freshly and sprayed for 30 minutes. Pour l’enlever, utilisez un  chiffon tamponnant sans jamais frotter.

This formulation – de type classique – is specifically conçue to add the skin  before the rasage. From the même manière, it is capable of rendering the fibers of the tissues plus douces, at the point of absorbing the taches gênantes created by the fat. The robe ne s’abîme pas et il n’y a pas de halos.

Is it good for all fabrics?  In general yes, but on types like silk or linen it is better to try first on a small area and then directly on the stain.