How to save money in winter by putting bay leaves on the radiator

With the arrival of winter,   radiators   become essential devices to fight the cold and make our homes warm and comfortable. However, we can also take advantage of its action for other uses that allow us to save.

If you are used to buying   air fresheners to   flavor the entire house, you will probably be happy to know that there are natural alternatives that, in addition to being cheaper, are also harmless to our health.

Although effective, industrial air fresheners contain a large amount of chemicals that we inhale and that are definitely not good for our health. Fortunately, there is a great natural alternative:   bay leaves   .

This wonderful aromatic plant, widely used in cooking and natural medicine, can help us perfume   the entire house   and save a lot of money.

The method is very simple: just   place some fresh or dry bay leaves on the radiator   . In contact with heat, the leaves will give off a wonderful fragrance that will spread throughout the house.

Bay leaves can be reused, perhaps for cooking or to make tasty and relaxing herbal infusions.

But the benefits of this trick do not stop there: the aroma of bay leaves has   a relaxing action on the nervous system   and is excellent for relieving stress and creating a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

There are many ways to use bay leaves, but the   radiator trick   is undoubtedly the easiest, fastest and most economical way to perfume our home at no cost.